Want to learn about our workshops in Turkey and the UK? Do read along..

We have completed two more workshops in order to understand the requirements of our prospective ENACT app users: one in Newcastle and one in Istanbul. The workshop in the UK took place on 25 January with 11 participants from N.E.S.T and Action Foundation. It was such a multilingual event with speakers of English, Arabic, andContinue reading “Want to learn about our workshops in Turkey and the UK? Do read along..”

Workshop in Helsinki on 9 January 2020

We are making more progress with our understanding requirements workshops! On January 9, 2020 the understanding requirements workshop took place in Helsinki, Finland. The workshop was organised by University of Helsinki and Cultura Foundation. The aim of the study was to find out the users’ cultural and digital needs to guide the app design. DuringContinue reading “Workshop in Helsinki on 9 January 2020”

Understanding requirements workshops

We are pleased to share that we are running our understanding requirements workshops in January in all partner countries: UK, Finland, Spain, and Turkey! We have already run a pilot study in the UK in December, which helped us finalise our procedures and materials.   We are all excited about the workshops and hope toContinue reading “Understanding requirements workshops”