Technologies ahead! (part 2)

Following the recent concerning and uncertain events happening in the world we may expect at least one sure thing: the needs and demands for the interactive technologies for education, work, communication and entertainment will only rise. Today we continue our story about the technologies we used during our workshops with the ones that our participants were particularly curious to try – as itself 360/VR video is.

360 VR at Barcelona workshop

360 degree video (also known as immersive video) are videos which provide a panorama spherical view of the surroundings. Such video recording is shot using an omnidirectional (360 degree) camera or a collection of cameras, which captures a view in every direction at the same time – basically everything on its way. 360 degree video offers immersive realistic experience and allows you to look and explore any direction you choose.

You can watch 360/VR videos via the Youtube app on your phone using Google Cardboard.
Please find the example of 360/VR video on our website:

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