After having 7 participants talk and share their own cultural activities and thoughts about creating content for the app, Barcelona is ready to analyse their data.

Gathering around a typical Catalan winter activity called the “Calçotada”, participants had the opportunity to try new devices such as the Google Cardboard. They were also able to talk about their digital needs in order to create interactive videos and 360º recordings. Even though the experience with the 360/VR headset was the most engaging activity, speaking about their favourite cultural activity was also an important part of the discussion during the meeting.

This multicultural encounter was a great success, with participants from different parts of the world; Hungary, Colombia, Poland, United States, Granada -Spain and Catalonia, who all came together to come up with different ideas on how to create activities with the app in order to explain their own countries’ ways of living.

We could not be more glad and thankful to these wonderful participants, as all this information will be useful for analysis, together with our partners in the UK, Finland and Turkey. We are eager to see the results.

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