Technologies ahead! (part 1)

During the needs analysis workshops in January-February, our participants introduced to a variety of different media tools: interactive image, interactive slide, interactive video, normal video, 360/VR video, and 360 picture. One of the workshops’ result will be assessment of those technologies to understand the requirements of our prospective ENACT app users.

As many of the workshop participants experienced some of the technologies for the first time, we thought it may be interesting for everyone to learn more about the media tools we suggested to use. We will start from the interactive image, slide and video and H5P technology that allows to create all that interactive content.

participants using Output 1 content

Interactive image is a way to make an online image interactive by adding hotspots to images. Hotspots may reveal texts, images and videos when clicked. For example, it can be used in teaching and learning new languages and cultural activities.

Interactive slide allows users to add multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, text, and other types of interactions to their presentations using only a web browser.

Interactive video provides interaction and engagement with users. They may play like regular files, but include clickable areas (or hotspots) that perform an action when you click on them.

Please find the examples of interactive images, slides and videos on our website:

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